Parish Groups


Musicians are invited to contact the Presbytery/webmaster to get this part of the site moving.

09.30 Mass - Teresa O'Sullivan does the music at this Mass.

The 11.30 Mass on Sunday is always sung, led by cantor and choir. Anyone interested in singing or in playing the organ please contact the choirmaster, John Ainslie, on 020 8445 5724.

18.30 Mass - Elaine Brennan does the music at this Mass.


Volunteer teams provide an alternative view of the readings and gospel more suited to our younger congregation at the 9.30 Sunday Mass.  This involves acting out the scriptures and making drawings related to the main themes.  

We constantly need parents to come forward and join the volunteer teams.  All the session material is provided.  

There are two groups - the younger group are called "Fishes" and are aged under 7.

The older group are the "Followers" and are aged 7+

Please contact the Presbytery if you can help.